Act Now: Program Begins Monday Nov. 5, 2018
Off-Season Baseball Program
From Monday Nov.5/18 through Mar. 31/19
A complete off-season program designed to build a player’s movement skills, power, speed and throwing ability while making their body more resilient and durable for their upcoming season.

 Athlete’s work in small group format under the direction of our Athlete’s Zone Sports Performance Coaches. Each component of the training session is explained fully, demonstrated and athletes receive coaching throughout the session on proper exercise performance and technique.

Athlete’s receive their training programs on their personal mobile device and progress through each training session by inputting their training data into the app and marking each training block as completed. 

The entire training session, including demonstration videos and exercise reps, sets and explanation is available on the app and each athlete has their own personal profile within the system.

Training sessions are 90 minutes in length and follow a structured approach to developing athletic skills, powerful movements, stability and control. Each training session is goal oriented, and progressively challenges the athletes as the program unfolds so that they are continuously improving and building new skills and achieving better performance.

Athlete's also have unlimited access to the NeuroTracker, a computer based software training program that uses multiple object tracking to make improvements in an athlete's brain and visual system so that they process information faster and more accurately, increasing their visual processing speed, decreasing reaction time and improving their mental focus and attention span. 

Training on the NeuroTracker translates into the batter's box with players having better patience at the plate, seeing the pitch and ball spin better and improving their mental focus in the time they spend facing a pitcher.
Program Options
Training Sessions
90-minute Sessions
90-minute Sessions
2x payments of $256
4x payments of $275
Total $512
Total $1100
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Essentials Program Features:  
  •  A Functional Movement Screen, Performance Evaluation and Personalized Strategy Session to discuss the testing results and each athlete's specific goals and concerns.
  •  Three different workout options available each week of the off-season program. 
  •  Athletes have unlimited access to train on the NeuroTracker, a computer based software that improves an athletes reaction time, information processing speed and attention span.
  •   Access to Training Programs delivered to athlete's mobile device daily. 
  •  Tracking of all personal training data and progress through the training app. 
  •  Direct athlete monitoring by Sports Performance Coaches throughout each training session
  •  Small group training, maximum 8 players per training session
  •  Daily Nutrition Education through the 28-Day Athlete's Zone "KickStart" Nutrition Program
  •  Daily Breakfast & Lunch Meal Plans for healthy meal planning. 
  •   Flexible On-Line Scheduling of Training Sessions
Premium Program Includes:  
  •  All of the Essentials Program components, plus......
  •  Customized Individual Training Programs delivered to your mobile device daily. 
  •  Additional training sessions for the serious athlete looking to train twice a week.
  •  Post-Activity Shoulder Maintenance Program delivered daily to mobile device
  •  Daily At-Home Mobility Program on delivered to athlete for at-home work on mobility and posture
  •  Two Sport Massage Therapy Treatment Sessions in Athlete's Zone Sports Injury Clinic.
If you would like more information, click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session or to discuss the program in more detail. 
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